Executive Leadership Package - "Transformational Leader"

Executive Leadership Package - "Transformational Leader"

Executive Leadership Package - "Transformational Leader"
From $400.00

The Executive Leadership Package is for senior executives and leaders seeking to achieve significant leadership transformation and impact within their organizations.


  1. Leadership Assessment and 360-Degree Feedback: Comprehensive leadership assessment and feedback from colleagues, peers, direct reports, and stakeholders.
  2. Bi-weekly Intensive Coaching Sessions: Six 90-minute coaching sessions per month, conducted via video call.
  3. Strategic Leadership Development Plan: Development of a strategic leadership plan with regular reviews and adjustments.
  4. VIP Access: Priority access to your coach for urgent matters and additional sessions.
  5. Unlimited Email, Phone, and Messaging Support: Direct access to your coach for ongoing guidance and support.

Cost: $400 per session or $650 with a monthly commitment.

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