Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Dr. Pete also offers group coaching sessions for individuals who prefer a more collaborative and supportive environment. These sessions are designed to provide a forum for individuals to come together and share their experiences and insights, while also learning from one another. Group coaching sessions are typically focused on a specific topic or theme, such as career development or leadership development.

This is a 4-week program in a group setting, designed to help you identify you’re what, why, why, and how.

Group settings allow you to build great relationships and connections with like-minded individuals. It also intensifies the accountability as you work with your peers. In a group setting, like-minded individuals can brainstorm and share ideas and insight to tackle challenges and obstacles.

Just think for a second, groups have more ideas than a single individual. A group setting can stimulate thought and ideas.

"Opportunities Do Not Always Present Themselves With an Open Door. Sometimes, You've Got to Push the Door Open." - Dr. Pete

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